Monday, June 14, 2010

Look Ma no training wheels!

(Okay, I think I am finally caught up. This post actually happened this weekend. June 12, 2010)

Daddy took the training wheels off Ry's bike about 2 months ago. They spent about 5 minutes that day trying to ride with out the t.w. and Ry quit. He said it was too hard and he has not wanted to try ever since. I tried to talk C into putting the training wheels back on because I felt so much safer with them on. (Over-protective much? yeah, I know) But, he wouldn't, said Ry was ready. C just kept asking Ryan if he wanted to go out and practice, to which Ry would say "No thanks, I want to ride my scooter. He's gotten really good at that scooter, which actually I think helped give him that sense of balance.
Saturday early afternoon after a little extra coaxing C talked Ryan into going out to give a try one more time. I kid you not, fifteen minutes later he came back in and said they had something to show me. I was so impressed. He totally got it. He was so proud of himself, and we were too!

Next up teaching him to tie his shoes....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The kids put on a little presentation for all the parents as an end of year celebration. It was really cute. They sang some songs, the teachers spoke and there was a picture slide show. Ry was so funny singing the songs, he was dance and really getting into it. Such a showman!

Ry, his best friend and Mrs. Scheaffer, his teacher
Ry and the two assistant teachers Ms. Laura and Ms. Gina

Soccer star

Ryan is now in his second season of soccer. This season it's outdoor soccer and he's doing really well. See him scoring.....

or this...

2010 Joint Services Open House

We went to the JSOH Air Show again this year and had a great time! We were very excited about the air show this year because Ryan has been studying his "Big Book of Airplanes" for the past few months. He is really into air planes right now. He can tell you all about the planes featured in his book, the Gee Bee, the Concorde, the Blackbird, and the speed of sound and sonic booms. During show and tell at school he went through the book page by page and told all the kids about each plane. His teachers were so impressed, I was so proud. I can't wait until he's piloting his first mission for NASA!
One of the main improvement from last year was thanks to the hearing protection we brought. Much better, and he is so sensitive to loud noises it really helped.

He looks good in there!

He brought the book so we could find the planes from his book.

It got pretty hot and the sun was so bright...
We found some shade in these tents, so we sat
and watched the show, Ry got silly...

Then really cranky,
so we went home!

School days

During one of my parent volunteer days I took some pictures of Ry at school. Ry's school is a Montessori school so the push they kids to be self sufficient and independent. Here is Ry during snack time. As the mother of an only child I generally just do everything for Ryan, partly out of impatience and partly because it just doesn't dawn on me to let him do it himself. (This was one of the main reasons I choose this school. We needed an intervention!)
So imagine my surprise to watch him during snack time. They have a really impressive little set-up, including a wash tub to wash their hands before, the snack is set up in bowls to serve themselves, then a clean up station. It's out so they can choose when to have snack. There are 6 long bead necklaces, you put on a necklace and that says it's your turn.
Washing up
Serving himself
On the white board it tells them how much they can take,
3 pretzels, 1/2 glass of juice, 3 scoops of applesauce.

Enjoying snack time with friends
My son washing dishes!
Ry and his best friend washing dishes together
So cute!

Ry's favorite thing to do during recess, the bikes! He is so his father's son!
(It was silly hat day, he's wearing his Mario hat!)

And finally here is my boy doing some "work", and with a girl!

It's catch-up time...

Okay so it's been months since I posted any thing. I'm going to try to go back and fill in the for the past few months, here's what we've been up to.....

Easter -

Ry got found some eggs and a sweet soccer basket!