Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wii Fit

Here’s my workout partner using the Wii Fit. For all you hard core fitness experts, it may not be enough to really get the blood flowing, but we novices love it! Ryan really likes it, which can be a problem when I am actually trying to use it to workout. He’ll say “Mama, you have to take turns!” Not especially good when you are trying to keep your heart rate up.

It is day 21 and I am down 8 lbs. I’ve joined a gym and am working out pretty much every day. When I can’t go to the gym this is a decent substitute. I am also keeping a very strict count of calories using my iphone app “Lose-it” (Thanks to JuJu! Excellent find on her part!) My weightloss plan is much more hi-tech this time.

I’m still waiting for the tough-love personal training that someone promised! Bucket??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It was really just a matter of time.......

For Mother's Day I received the bike I've been not so subtly dropping hints about for the last year and a half. I wanted the bike for 2 reasons, first Ry loves to ride bikes, he and his dad went for bike rides all the time last year and I was left out because I didn't have a bike. The second reason is because I am actively trying to lose weight right now and I wanted it as a means of exercise. I've had it now for a total of 10 days, and yesterday was the first day I was able to take it out for exercise. It was pretty great, up until I was riding a trail at the park near my house. My ipod earphone cord was tangled up so I tried tugging it loose, at the same time I was coming around a corner where it starts to go down hill. I got a little nervous so I squeezed my brakes, maybe just a little too hard, my front brakes at that. I wobbled and then went straight over the handle bars. I did manage to miss the tree that I was headed straight for, I'm not exactly sure how, flipped over and landed right on my back. Fortunately, I don't think there were any witnesses, and other than some minor scrapes and bruises I am fine, as was my bike. I was able to get back on and ride home, albeit a bit sore.
When I got home, and told my husband what happened, after making sure I was okay, he just shook his head. When he got me the bike his two main concerns were that either I'd never ride it or I'd kill myself on it. I'm known to be a bit clumsy. Ryan's response priceless:
" Mommy, you need 4 wheels on your bike like mine!"
Yes, my son suggested I get some training wheels.
To which his father promptly agreed.
Like I said, it was just a matter of time!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chattanooga Part II

Here are more pictures from our trip to Chattanooga back in April.

Here are the boys terrorizing the Starbucks where we had breakfast.
Playing in the water in front of the Aquarium.

Playing at the Children's Museum
Ry loves anything that has to do with water
This fishing was probably his favorite activity. I think he would have stayed here the whole time if I would have let him.
SM directorial debut
G loved the bees
SM manages a smile even though he REALLY wanted to be in the drivers seat.

I have to say I was really impressed with the city of Chattanooga. It is very kid-friendly. We really had a great time. Both hanging out in the city and hanging out with our cousins!

Joint Service Open House

So many of you may remember our attempt last year to go to the Joint Services Open House (Air Show), and what a dismal failure that was. I am happy to report, this year we learned from our mistakes last year and successfully attended the event. What an amazing show!!!! Here is a video of our day, I know it's kind of long, but there was just so much to see, and I had a hard time narrowing it down. Trust me it could have been longer.
If you ask Ry if he had a good time he'll happily tell you "Yes", if you then ask if he wants to go again he'll tell you "No". He did have fun, but the F-22 and the Thunderbirds were REALLY REALLY LOUD. You can kind of tell from the video, but it's nothing like live and in person. He's pretty sensitive to loud noises, and this was just a bit much for him. All in all it was a great family fun day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chattanooga Choo Choo

These are pictures from our "Day out with Thomas". The boys had a great time!
Ryan and Sawyer got a little competitive playing mini golf.

Thomas is so cool.

Graham really is having fun!
Riding the train. It was starting to get pretty hot when we got on the train, so the nice ride in an air conditioned car was nice.
Ryan's first tatoo!
Posing with Thomas
Sawyer and the Rooster.