Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lancaster County

While at the Red Caboose we got to go on an Amish buggy ride.  I didn't get a picture of our buggy, but this is what it looked like.  

Here are some of the sights:
This windmill they use for power
An Amish farmer on his tractor
View of a farm

While on our ride we stopped at another farm and this little Amish girl brought out there homemade Root beer for us.  It was really good.
It was so weird to see all the horse-drawn carriages mixed in with the cars on the road.  
We really had the best day.  Thanks to Corey's Aunt and Uncle and the kids and most of all Mammy for showing us such a great time.
Sorry for the delay it's been a busy week.......

After we left the train station we visited the Red Caboose Motel.  It's a motel where all the rooms are train cars.  It was the cutest place.  The property is connected to an Amish farm, so they had lots of neat things to see.  

These are a few of the rooms.
We got to look inside this one.  It sleeps 6, a double bed and 2 sets of bunk beds.
You can see the cars  go on and on.

On adjacent farm they had a goats and chickens and pigs you could pet and feed.
This goat was the funniest goats I've ever seen.  He was walking along the top of the fence.
Then when the kids were getting the feed out of the machine he would stand on top and try to steal it as it was coming out.  

Ryan was having the best time!  We all were.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend. Ryan and I went to visit Mammy (Corey's grandmother) poor Corey had to protect and serve all weekend long. While visiting her we went to the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ryan had such a blast.

When we first got there we spent some time walking around. Since Lancaster is known for it's large Amish population they had several Amish displays around the station.
Here are the kids in an Amish Buggy
Ryan and I in an Amish Wagon
Ryan before his train ride

Doing a little souvenir shopping

Ryan on the hand-crank train

Then we finally got on the train, here are some sights of us.....

Here are some of our sights:

To be continued....
(Warning: There was so much to do and see it will probably take me several post to cover it all. And, there will be pictures (lots).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here's a link to a quiz on MSN:

Could you pass the Citizenship test? I love these kinds of quizes. How did you do?

I won't lie, I only got an 85% I missed #2, 6, and 17. Not too bad.