Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Sweet boy turns 5!!!

This post is about a week overdue, but here is (finally!)

We had a great time celebrating Ryan's 5th Birthday.

I started out the morning making him home made waffles. (I actually had to go out and buy a waffle iron because even though I am embarrased to admit, we usually just do the eggo waffles. In my defense I usually bought the nurti-grain kind, does that make it any better, yeah I know not really!) I can tell you, that this is the family's favorite new appliance. I've made waffles about 6 times in the last 8 days!
I also made Ryan a birthday crown. I borrowed the idea from one of my new Brave Girl Friends, ( (I loved the idea, Thanks Jeanne!) and it gave me another excuse to break out the mod podge, and glitter. I really went all out too, I don't know if you can tell, but it's fur-lined and everything. It turned out great, except it ended up just a little bit too small, and wouldn't really stay on. I really don't know how that happened considering I took measurements and every thing. Oh well, I had fun making it! Around lunch time we took him to Dave & Buster's, which is kind of like a restaurant with a game room, too. Kind of like Chucky Cheese, just better food options. Mostly we went because Ryan loves skee-ball. He got to play and play and play! He had a blast!
Played some racing games
Won lots of tickets!
I will be adding a video soon, I just wanted to hurry and at least get this much posted. We all really had a fun day! Happy Birthday my sweet son. I love you!