Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My latest collage

So this is my latest collage. I took pictures along the way so I could show you my progress.
Background done and the basic house built.
Added the details of the house and the fence and a few clouds.
Then I added this tree, which I am particularly proud of. Have I mentioned that I got a Cricut for Christmas. I love it!

I was at JoAnn's the other day, and I found these beads. They looked just like little paving stones to me. Perfect for my sidewalk.
Okay so they have little holes in them, but I still love it.

I still have a few more details to add, but this is what it looks like as of now.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Buried Alive...

I feel a little like we were buried alive! It was one of those snows they will compare all other storms to for years to come. It started snowing around 10 pm Friday night. It continued to snow until about 8:00 pm Saturday night. All in all I think we got about 2 feet.
This was around 11:00 pm Friday night
This was Saturday morning around 8:00.
Saturday around Noon.

Just a little later...

These were taken on Sunday....

Ryan and I went out to play and try to dig ourselves out. I am not really a fan of snow, but I have to admit we did have fun playing in it this time. It was a little hard to maneuver in, being so deep!

He said "Mom, I'm going to throw a snowball at you!"

Well, I guess it will be a white Christmas for us! There is no way this much snow will melt before Friday, plus they are calling for more snow, maybe even on Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Have a safe and happy Holiday!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

a glimpse of NY....

We took a quick trip to New York a few weekends ago. We didn't go to any shows or do anything specific just wandered around the city. We had a marvelous time! We got to put our new SLR camera to the test. Here are a few of the pictures from our Trip.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Sweet boy turns 5!!!

This post is about a week overdue, but here is (finally!)

We had a great time celebrating Ryan's 5th Birthday.

I started out the morning making him home made waffles. (I actually had to go out and buy a waffle iron because even though I am embarrased to admit, we usually just do the eggo waffles. In my defense I usually bought the nurti-grain kind, does that make it any better, yeah I know not really!) I can tell you, that this is the family's favorite new appliance. I've made waffles about 6 times in the last 8 days!
I also made Ryan a birthday crown. I borrowed the idea from one of my new Brave Girl Friends, (http://bushelandapeck.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/10/where-has-the-time-gone.html) (I loved the idea, Thanks Jeanne!) and it gave me another excuse to break out the mod podge, and glitter. I really went all out too, I don't know if you can tell, but it's fur-lined and everything. It turned out great, except it ended up just a little bit too small, and wouldn't really stay on. I really don't know how that happened considering I took measurements and every thing. Oh well, I had fun making it! Around lunch time we took him to Dave & Buster's, which is kind of like a restaurant with a game room, too. Kind of like Chucky Cheese, just better food options. Mostly we went because Ryan loves skee-ball. He got to play and play and play! He had a blast!
Played some racing games
Won lots of tickets!
I will be adding a video soon, I just wanted to hurry and at least get this much posted. We all really had a fun day! Happy Birthday my sweet son. I love you!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

Ryan's School Costume Parade
Getting ready for Trick or Treating

Mario found a familiar face among the trick-or-treaters

No one loves a costume more than Chica!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mod Podge

Before I picked Ryan up from daycare on Friday I stopped by Michael's to pick up some new art supplies. The whole experience of Brave Girls Camp changed me, I feel like I have this new perspective on life and I learned that I really like crafting. Sooooo, off to Michael's I went and I left with Mod Podge (my new most favorite item), and a blank canvas. I also picked up a little wooden airplane that I thought would be a perfect project for Ryan, he loves to paint.
When I picked him up I told him we were gonna have some fun! We were going to do some arts and crafts.
Here he is painting his plane. He had fun, but I got him set up first and let him get started while I was laying all my stuff out. Due to the extreme volume of stuff we were sent home (from Brave Girls Camp) I was still laying my stuff out when he started to lose interest in my fun little activity.
See....it's alot of stuff!!
Greatest stuff ever!
Ryan insisted on taking a picture and I was pleased that he at least captured the Brave Girls logo.
We had fun, but like I said he was pretty much finished before I even got started. Then he played while I "Mod Podged". Occasionally he would run over and ask me, "Mom, are you almost done with Arts and Cracks?" I laughed so hard the first time he said it. Later, when Daddy got home, Ryan said "Daddy, look at Mommy's Arts and Cracks" Daddy laughed too.
I have corrected him, but I really love it when he says it that way. I guess it wouldn't be so funny if he was still saying that way when he's 12.

I want to finish this post by saying thank you to Melody and Kathy for creating such an amazing experience for all of us who attended. I really feel changed and I hope I can hold on to that feeling. So many of the other girls posted eloquent and beautiful entries about the camp and I second every last thing they said. AMAZING!! I truly loved every minute of it.
To the staff, otherwise known as the hardest working girls ever! Thank you for putting so much effort into making everything beyond amazing. And, doing it so happily. It was a joy to see you interact with each other.

To all my new Brave Girl friends - I miss you guys!!! Thanks for all the laughs, and tears, and shared experiences!

Now on to leading a "Life Uncommon"!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am A Brave Girl....

I got back from Brave Girls Camp late late Sunday night, and then went to work early Monday morning. Needless to say I was pretty tired and didn't quite make it a full day. I spent the evening playing with Ryan. He said to me "Mom, I want to give you a kiss", so I bent down and he said I'm going to kiss you here and here, pointing to each cheek. It was so sweet. I really miss my sisters, and all my new Brave Girl Friends, but that was really nice to come home to. This is one of the MANY gifts we got at Brave Girls Camp. I put her on my bookshelf where I can see her easily and she will remind me to be brave. I feel so rejuvinated after our week.
I can't say enough Thanks to Kathy and Melody and the wonderful staff who pampered us at every opputunity. I felt so special.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Before and After...

So a couple of my sisters have said something about actually posting a picture of myself so they could see my weightloss success.
(Drumroll please.....)

This is me back in February

C took this tonight.
Now granted I haven't completely reached my goal I still have 6 lbs to go, but I am feeling pretty good about it. Monday, I went shopping for some new jeans and the ones I bought are 5 sizes smaller than pants I bought at the beginning of the year!