Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet Nero

This is the picture I found on line that got my attention.
He was at a rescue, needing a home.  The woman who runs the
rescue brought him to our house to meet him.  We liked him right
away, but we weren't sure we were ready to do this again.  She
suggested we "keep him for the weekend".  That was all it took!
 He is very cuddly, he likes to be sitting on someones lap most of the time.

He loves to play
He also likes to sit in the window and watch outside.
We are very happy to have this addition to our family, we still miss Chica like crazy!

How to Train your Dragon Live

We took Ry to see "How to Train your Dragon Live".  It was very cool.
They had to stop the show twice for technical difficulties, but all in all it was great show.  

This was the part where the big Queen Dragon is flying after toothless and Hiccup, it was really neat the way they  used the screen it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess what we got to do this weekend!

That's right, we got to go on a tour of a real live submarine!
Corey has a cousin that is in the navy, he is a Submariner. His boat was here in Annapolis this weekend. So he called to see if we wanted to come out and take a tour.
It was so cool!

This is the boat that took us out to the Sub.

Ry really loved the boat ride.

As we approached, this is one of the gun ships patrolling around the Sub.
There it was, our first view.

Ry and Corey's Cousin
Going down below...
This is the only picture we took inside, state secrets and all.

Ry after the tour, he loved it.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Palmer Lake

Here are some pictures of our time at Palmer Lake with The Grimmers and Ju & her boys.

What a beautiful view from the the deck!

So peaceful
Sweet Lucy, such a smart puppy!
Ry loved playing in the water, the lake was perfect!

I only have pictures of Kar skiing, but you should have seen her on the wake board. She was catching air!

Mark was having fun even if you can't tell by this picture.
Oli did it!
Millie, the water skiing pro! She was so fun to watch.
These three boys had alot fun playing together.

Oh yeah, I can ski! I was pretty proud of myself.
I know it's blurry, but I even got up on the wake board.
It was a really great time. I can't thank the Grimmers enough for letting us join them! And Julie for talking me into it.