Monday, July 18, 2011

Rocket Launch

I discovered shortly after we arrived in Florida that the Rocket Launch I was so anxious to see was scheduled at 3 am. My plan of being at Kennedy Space Center for the launch was not going to work as they are closed at 3 am. But, it did mean we would see a night launch if we could get up for it.
First it was schedule for early Wednesday morning. I set my alarm and when it went off we all got up. Ryan was especially excited, talking non-stop as only Ryan can. We went out to the beach and waited, there was a German guy out there waiting too. We waited until it was outside the launch window, and then went back to bed. The next morning they said on the news it had been postponed (mechanical issue). It was re-scheduled for the next night.
Again I set my alarm and we went to bed. Corey and I woke up at about 1 am due to a pretty bad storm. I check the website and it had been scrubbed due to weather. It was rescheduled for Friday night, which would be our last chance since we were leaving Saturday morning. That next morning when Ryan woke up he came straight to my bedside very upset I hadn't gotten him up for the launch. It took Corey and I both to convince him it hadn't gone up yet.

Finally on Friday night, Saturday morning, we got up and went down to the beach. This time there were alot of people on the beach so I felt pretty confident. We didn't have to wait very long. The whole horizon around the launch site lit up so bright. It was amazing!
I realize the video is probably kind of lame watching a light in the dark, I just like listening to Ryan's chatter.